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XR-8 Multi Station Home Gym with 160lbs weight stack

XR-8 Multi Station Home Gym with 160lbs weight stack

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Power up your home workouts with the XR-8 multi-station home gym. Featuring a 160lb weight stack and a heavy-duty punching bag, it lets you do numerous exercises – from rows and knee raises to leg curls, boxing, and more – all in one gym machine.

Ideal for beginners and pros alike, this home gym comes with adjustable machine weights up to 160lb. The selector pin makes it easy to switch between weight increments, letting you focus on training instead of complicated gym equipment. This model also comes with an incline/decline bench.

On top of these, the home gym also has a punching bag for days when you need a cardio session. Also included is an ab tower for knee raises, static holds, dips, and more PLUS a preacher curl pad, pulldown bar, leg extension attachment, and pec deck station, Plus a bench press station on the side so you can bench press and do squats and deadlifts.

XR-8 multi-gyms are safe with their superior quality construction and weight stack mesh cover. The heavy-duty cables also ensure that the home gym can handle years of use. Finally, the thick padded backrest and benches provide ample support during the toughest reps.
Get fitter, leaner, and stronger with consistent use of the XR-8 multi-station home gym!

Arm / chest rowing
Knee raises
Bicep curls
Preacher curls
Wrist curls
Ab crunches
Lat pulls
Butterfly flyes
Military press
Tricep dips
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Leg raises
Bench press
Shoulder press
and many more…

Will it fit? Station dimensions: 230cm(w) x 180cm x 220cm(h)
Note: You will need extra room in front for leg extensions and much more width space if you plan on using the push-up station (add your body height to the width) and the sit-up bench and leg crunch tower. (add another 100cm clearance at least, on the other side)
Assembly Required: This unit is supplied unassembled. Assembly should take 2-3 hours. Instructions are supplied.

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